Why can't you participate in the work of dream?

Scroll down on the Facebook page, and you'll see an article about it

How the kids started their business

The network "Student Life Network" likes to share similar stories about dropping out of school

How we love these articles, Millenil. They inspire us. Encourage us to think big and never stop dreaming. They want us to be positive. But that's a problem if we don't be careful

Our generation loves to pursue our dreams, placing great hopes on ourselves and being incredibly optimistic. It could make us unhappy. It's not as intuitive as it sounds, waking up from fantasy work, and adding a little bit of negative reality, you can feel a little better

We must use our generation in context. The concept of choosing what you want to do with your life is almost entirely new. For most of the history of mankind, your future has been predetermined. You either got married or cared for a family farm or went to work at a local coal mine or a factory. Few people have been able to break tradition or leave their station. There was no concern about what you meant for your life. It may have already been configured

Even our parent's lifestyle was linear. I was

Rewind up to 2017 and opportunities for 20 are endless

The expectations and social demands to follow will be less intense. Many of us have been granted permission to make us happy. Millenils can go to school or not in school, get married and settle with someone of the same sex, the opposite sex, or even settle down at all

You can choose whether to have children or have children. You can choose to start a career or participate in any other business, start a business, or travel to Europe for a period of time. This is good news, but it comes with a very alarming anxiety to choose the right path. Especially when your Facebook or Instagram is full of people who are transleaking basic information about their lives. I am sure that our parents will fight insecurity or meet people more successfully than they do, but they have not had a daily impact on them. For our generation, it's not enough to get a job; we need to find a job that makes us happy. It's a lot of pressure to put one aspect of your life

You are trying to determine the path to your dream, and in unsure, frustrating or unfair moments of your life, you will see people like you, how you enjoy the motor on the beach in Spain, promote or hire a big job, buy houses and get married

It's easy to think you've chosen the wrong path

They only have good parts of growth. Between the photos of the parties, the releases and the photos of the children, we all go through the same vague, insecure uncertainty, just like you. Classmates who became lawyers would know if they should be shot to become actors. The men who had married and were going to be surprised that they had to stay alone and travel around the globe. Do not despair of the decisions you have taken. While you can regret the way you took, someone else wants them to take yours

If you don't combine them with skepticism

I don't think there's one of us who hasn't been approached by a friend to join a multi-tier Marketing Scheme (MLM). Whether it is Amway, ItWorks, Scatsy, Primerica, Herbalife, Vector, etc., they are everywhere, and their doctrine flourished on one main thing.

The level of failure in these efforts is almost entirely defined. However, a few words about "being their own boss" and "how to plant millenium" and "financial freedom" make it identical. They will add how our generation is driven and motivated by success. There will be endless seminars and motivational speakers, as well as clear "examples" of how someone "like you" and has boats and planes and mansions in Beverly Hills

This depends on your optimism and vulnerability. They'll fill your heads with a thin quote from Tony Robbins, Kevin O ' Leary and Steve Jobs. They can even bring out the real life of success by showing how they "proved all doubts" and how they went from shaking to the rich

The 20-year-old cabinet from 400 MLM businesses found this

Blind optimism will make you carefully filter these 0.4 percent and ignore all others who failed. The reconciliation of skepticism can be all you need to avoid these mistakes

It's not just MLM and pyramids. Some of you may be familiar enough to know better

This applies to the provision of mortgage loans for a home that you cannot afford, because many of us consider this to be a success story. It could mean a way out of your business day, or a school-out, to start a business, because Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg did this. People do all this with Philosophy of "will work" and "it worked for them, so it will work for me."

You should be prepared to answer difficult questions and rehearse some worst-case scenarios

We must accept the calculated risks and not only use exceptional emissions as our standard for success. Not everybody can afford the same chances

Remember the secret? The new philosophy of abduction/self-help, which emphasizes the strength of positive thinking. It says that if you visualize what you want in life, the universe will shut down to give it to you. He sold over 19 million copies. And it sounded like a good advice. If you think you can achieve something, it will be yours. After all of you have to be sure that you have the opportunity to do something, right?

According to research, visualization and fantasy about your goals makes you less likely to release and execute them. Issuing students at the University of Munich, Germany, who fantasize more about their dreams

Ffantasy about a dream makes students less likely to want to ruin it by trying to achieve it. He will also catch your brain, as if he had already done something

Those who have been more fortunate in their fields of study are still positive, but have also expressed the negative attitude of their problems and the markets of the jobs to which they belong

The goal is not to be cynical; it must remain on the ground. If you are optimistic and ambitious (like me), it may be difficult

You want to ignore the burden on student loans as you plan to apply for a mortgage on a new apartment. You don't want to look at the hardest parts of your career, and you want to focus instead on the non-caste part. You want to avoid denial and leave positive acknowleds. Human beings are looking for comfort. This could lead us to take some unnecessary risks and set us up for disappointment

Sometimes you have to admit that you denied having to prepare yourself for your hard drive

David Wong said in his essay

Success is difficult, and it must be brave

This is a harsh reality.

I'm not saying it's you

I'm saying that if you're not exactly where you want to be, you're part of a nice little club I like to call EVERYBODY. As long as you dream and pursue addiction, I urge you to listen to people who have gone bankrupt, lost all of this, have been many failures and struggled each time and then. Not just good stories, where things always work. You can dissuade yourself from the illusion that you're the only one who hasn't figured it out yet

You can learn about the mistakes of others and decide what kinds of risks you can afford. Surring yourself to turn your life into a perfect future. To stop guessing which of the main studied or paths you've studied is because you will see people who face difficulties in every sector and career

If you're still trying, you won't fail. As long as you pursue your career dream of riding unicorns, you will come to a lot of other meaningful lessons on the way. I knew a guy who was sure that he would be a film director, a couple of years off school, and he was in love with his work in the insurance industry. He wasn't selling. It turned out that his hobby and his career should not have been the same

International political journalist. It was the task of my dream. However, I allow the unemployed and the unemployed to do so. Shot out of one job and put it on hold. Three times, I made her the final raun of my interview in my field, just so they would pick another candidate who was running next to me

I used to beat myself for not doing what I meant to do

I had a job opening in a movie theater, a winery and a rental car. All of them were added to what I was as a worker and a man

All of them had spare parts and parts that I miss at times. Instead, I run the media business and I work in my electronics store. It's not my dream, but I love my life

Wrap your optimism, but let yourself be skeptical and goodbye to where you were short. And wake up from your fantasy of your dreams. As in a dream, they probably don't exist

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